India election 2019

After 6-weeks long vote, today, the election of India will have the result with the strong prediction winning of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s party. Signalling a next 5-year term of BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party – the prime minister Modi’s party).

A BJP win would be the first-time consecutive majority for a single party in more than 30 years. At the moment this article is writing, the BJP is leading the field with 292 constituencies according to India’s Election Commission. They need 272 confirmed seats to form a government. Although there are non-official announce about the election result, all the side information has confirmed that the victory of BJP is absolute.

Prime Minister Nerendra Modi

Why prime minister Modi is so loved by people although the nature of the political landscape has changed drastically over years?

1. Economic leadership

One of the most reason that makes prime minister Modi loved by people is his promise about the economy. Not just internal, but also on the world’s market.

Modi rebuild a system of companies’s bankrupt and restructure the Goods and Service Tax (GST).

The GDP of India growing form 4.7% in 2014 to 7.2% in 2017. Which increased about 53%. in just 3 years.

2. Against corruption

Modi strongly against the corruption in government system. During his term, he has put an end to the corruption in administration system, coal, and trucks. Which has made the economic slowdown and people lose there believe in the government for a long period of time.

3. Marketing

Yes, if you following up with the election campaign of Modi, his team have a very professional marketing campaign for his election.

They have website that update content very often. You can access here:

They also use famous Bollywood actors to support their campaign, which in marketing called KOL. They hold offline meetings to supporters of Modi to gathering together. They set-up Modi’s street travelling and speaking. All of these moves increase the Modi’s brand awareness rapidly.

Although there’re still a lot of things Modi cannot do during his term. But his achievements really bring India to a better position on the world’s map. And the most important thing is that his people strongly believe the prime minister is doing a good job.

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