Positive Thoughts = Positive Results

Having a solution-oriented attitude brings superior results faster.
Tony Jeary
March 23, 2016

Negative thoughts clutter our minds and use the same mental real estate the positive ones do, even though they do not have the same importance. You wouldn’t keep garbage in your living spaces, so why would you keep negative thoughts in your mind? Eliminate negativity the same way you take the garbage out when it starts to smell or takes up too much space.

Results often reveal a person’s mindset. If the individual has an “it-can’t-be-done” attitude, that’s probably right; it really can’t be done as long as that kind of negative thinking prevails. Have you ever known someone who proved valuable to an organization because of his ability to identify all the reasons why something couldn’t be done? No, of course not. Organizations need people who will take the high road and lead them to success through positive thinking and finding solutions.

If you’re seeing poor results in your business or personal life, something needs to change. Our thoughts drive our actions. The solution is to examine your thinking to come up with a better way to fix something that’s not working or find a new way to do it. Having a solution-oriented attitude brings superior results faster. Think, What can we change to do this better?

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