To hire the best, host great interviews and be efficient

One in three candidates would turn down a job offer after a poor interview experience, according to the latest Robert Walters whitepaper.

The study entitled ‘Optimising The Interview Process To Secure The Best Candidates’, surveyed more than 1,500 professionals across China, Hong Kong and Taiwan about candidates’ expectations and employers’ perceptions of the interview process.

Most candidates see the interview as an extremely important factor in shaping their perception of an employer, with 61% saying so.

If organisations want to attract the best talent, they must to make use of the interview process to create a good impression and provide sufficient information to showcase the job opportunity.

94% of professionals noted that a rude or disrespectful attitude from interviewers will give them a negative impression of the business, and 77% would be put off by the interviewers’ lack of preparation.

Matthew Bennett, managing director, Greater China, Robert Walters thinks that with a competitive market for talent, candidates have taken a more active role in the recruitment process.

“Traditionally an interview gave employers the opportunity to meet, assess and select the best talent for the job and their company.

“However, with an increasingly talent-short market, professionals are more discerning when choosing their career paths. A job interview is no longer a one-way process.

“It is two-way and often forms a candidate’s first impression of an organisation,” he said.

A lengthy recruitment process is also a turn-off.

More than two in every three (68%) candidates said they have previously withdrawn from a company’s process, upon receiving an offer from another company, while 64% perceive companies with a long interview process as disorganised and inefficient.

One in four organisations admitted that they have lost out on their preferred candidate before due to a lengthy recruitment process.

“Employers should understand that the most in-demand candidates typically receive more than one job offer,” added Bennett.

“If the company constantly finds their preferred candidates turning down their job offers because they have accepted another offer somewhere else, it may be time for the organisation to review their recruitment process”.

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