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When should i quit my job


“A Pleasant Quit” & When should I quit my job (PART 1)


The next question, When should I quit?

When should someone quit their job? It is very easy to answer in some cases. Just be honest with yourself and have a clear goal of life, you always know when a job is no longer suitable for you. In other cases, It is a hard-answered question. Most people are often dishonest about themselves or have no clear goal.

At first glance, this seems weird. But, just take your eyes around your workplace. I am sure that you will realize, the number of people who really love their work are few. Additional, fewer people have goals. Most of them like to depend on “Fate”

First, this is a consequence of education. It leads to many adults still not knowing what job they love or what their talents are.

Worse, Most people do not take time to ask questions about what they want to do in life. In other words, how they want to live a life. So, they transferred that responsibility to their parents, their relatives, their friends, their boss also.

“Parents wanna me have a stable job”
“My friends love to have a high-end salary”
“Girlfriend wants me to become a manager”
“My boss wants me to learn more”
All of these become the criteria to choose the jobs of many people.

Choosing Criteria

They try to follow those criteria, which will become a nightmare in the future. And then, THEY QUIT.

Many people quit their jobs at the age of over 30, because they realized that they did a job, they did not like. Then, meeting a career crisis when they found the right way to their favorite job. Let’s imagine, you are being an intern at the age of 30.

So, the question “When should I quit my job?” is really an easy question, if you know exactly what you need for yourself. On the other side, it may lead to an incorrect decision.

As someone who sells goods just because the job is easy to be recruited, then he quit because he is scolded by his boss. After that, he goes around the companies and realizes that most of the sales bosses scold the staffs. It is just different in level of scolding.

If you are a seller and can not stand it, do not start selling anything right from the beginning. Many people take years to determine the level of scolding that they can stand.

Of course, as I told you. You choose a job that you do not like. This is the reason why you can quit at any time. It is not closely related to your work environment, your boss, salary, benefits,…

When you do not like something, everything relates to it that will be become a trigger.

When you do not know what you like is, and the employers do not know what you like is.
Yeyyyy! Congratulation! It is a Boom


If you decide to endure a job that you don’t like or you don’t know if you love it. You must at least identify why you need to endure it. For example, how much money do you need? why do you need that much money? How much money will you make in years?. That’s when you know you should quit.

It is also the moment that employers know you should leave, if they really care about your motivation. But, Let me tell you good news, it is only 3% of employers have the ability to identify motivation through the interview.
I am also wondering, 3% is too much??
The rest of the employers just want (or be forced) to fill the recruitment KPI, so they won’t care about your motivation.

So at the end of this blog, What is the moment you should quit?

From the above sharing, you can easily realize that you should (or need) quit, when:

You don’t have any reasons to endure this job.

Honestly, people do not quit their jobs when they should (or need) to quit. They quit because they want. If you have ever learned to make decisions, you will know that is your mistake in the first step

You do not distinguish what you want and what you really need.

Cre: Cam nang di lam cua cho soi

When should i quit my job


After reading the previous blog “8 SIGNS YOU’VE BEEN IN YOUR JOB TOO LONG“, you realized that you are wondering about staying or needing a new job to grow. A lot of questions run around in your head, one of them is:



The thing that you call “A Pleasant Quit” does not exist in reality.
“A Pleasant Quit” means “When you quit your job, everyone will regret losing a colleague like you”.

Why does it not exist? Because when you quit your job, there is never happen “Everyone feels regretful!”
No matter how you good at work (even if you are the best person in your company). no matter how you good at your relationship with everyone in the company (even you are a person most favorite company).

When you quit, this is what will happen:
– Some people will regret it.
– Some people will feel normal.
– And some people will feel happy.

You understand, right?

It does not depend on who you are, how you are, or which position you are holding. Even if you are a company owner. When you are a very good person, there will be people who do not like that good (for example people are often taken out to compare with you!). Even when you are the most loved person, there will be second favorite people happy when you leave, because now they are ranked first!

So, “A Pleasant Quit” is something that never exists.


Let me tell you the truth: The fact that “not leaving a bad rumor about me” when quitting, does not really exist…

I remember the day when I left “a quite big position” in a multinational company. Because I felt that I did not want to and could not contribute more, while the salary and benefits were good. Many people were surprised, they do not even believe in “retiring from work because of not feeling contribution”.
For them, just needing adequate wages and benefits. The less work, the more happiness. So they think it is not the reason for my leaving.

From here starts a rumor “He quit because of some discontent with the leaders”. More worrisome, many people began to make a theory, that I quit because of my Boss. “His boss stomped on the spot, so he could not continue to promote, therefore he was dissatisfied”
Even if I am a person who does not care much about the so-called position, that rumor may still exist, even now

So, the definition of “A Pleasant Quit” means not leaving a bad rumor about you, which also does not exist.


“A Pleasant Quit”. For me, it is leaving your job without having any worries.
For employees to not worry about leaving, there are two things you must definitely accomplish:

Talk frankly with your direct boss about the reason for leaving:

Because their direct boss is the reason, for many people.
– If you see that your boss is not good at his expertise, tell them.
– Your boss is not good at management, tell them.
– Hating your boss for any reason, tell them
Of course, you tell them in a polite and straightforward way, before leaving.

You can hear the explanation, or not. You do not need to believe the explanation if you feel it is not honest enough. But at least, you say your reasons and your boss knows your reasons.

Many people do not do this, because they are afraid. They fear their boss will:
– Have bad speech about them when they accept new jobs.
– Block their way back to the old company once the new place does not go well.
You make decisions based on fear, you will never be able to walk comfortably and calmly.

Take a look at it, if it is just because of your boss’s speech, the company does not hire you, there are only two possibilities:
– Firstly, it is that company is hasty when they don’t hear your story, Is this a worth company?
– Secondly, your ability is too bad to convince an employer, so is it the fault of your boss?
You are still scared. No problem, you can not do it. It just does not think about anything nice. Nothing peace comes from fear.

And please note, there is an only one person you need to talk frankly about the real reason you left, that’s your direct boss. Colleagues with the department, the high-level boss, the HR department, etc that is the place you should choose to provide suitable information.
If you can’t tell the truth to Boss in front of them, don’t think about what else to do behind their backs. Just taking a quickly leaving.

The second thing to do, after having a straightforward discussion with your direct boss is:

Having a reasonable time to hand over the work to the team

“A Pleasant Quit” of course includes handing over what you have done to the company. Pay special attention to legal issues in the process of handover such as documents, equipment, money… The handover must be made in writing with the signatures of both parties, and you should keep a copy or take a picture of the handover minutes to avoid future problems.

More importantly, make sure you do the best as you can to help your substitutes (of course, if the company has recruited a substitute before you quit), and do not share with them about why you quit.


Cre: Cam nang di la cua Cho Soi

How much money can you make when you 21?

Recently, Forbes 100 has recorded the world’s youngest ever self-made billionaire title is just swapped from Mark Zuckerberg (CEO, Founder of Facebook) to Kylie Jenner (21 years old).

According to Forbes estimated Kylie’s Cosmetics (a cosmetics company of Kylie’s) value is over $900 million based on the last year grew revenue and market cap of the booming makeup industry. And Kylie Jenner owns all of it, add with the cash she already pulled from the profitable business. The 21-years-old is now the billionaire, with an estimated fortune of $1 billion.

So, who is Kylie Jenner? What made her a billionaire?

Kylie Jenner

Making money from 10 years old

Kylie Kristen Jenner was born on August 10, 1997, at Los Angeles, California, U.S with parents are both television personality. Kylie is a model, celebrity, television personality, fashion stylist, creator, designer, actor, singer and entrepreneur.

Kylie Jenner starting her career very soon when she first started her reality television series “Keeping up with the Kardashians” (one of the longest-running reality television series in the U.S ) on E! (an American pay television channel) in 2007 when she’s only 10 years old.

From 2007 – present, Kylie has participated, performed and starred over 11 television reality show, with over 187 episodes present, and is the main cast in 158 episodes. Kylie also joined in 8 music video, and play a role in the “Ocean’s 8” movie
in 2018.

All those activities are a premise for Jenner to build up her businesses based on her reputation.

Kylie Jenner 10 years old and now


Kylie’s business career started in 2012 when she’s 15 years old. Kylie collaborating with the clothing brand PacSun (Pacific Sunwear of California Inc.), along with her sister Kendall they create a clothing line name “Kendall & Kylie”.

In July 2013, the Jenner sisters launched a jewellery line with Pascal Mouawad to create the Metal Haven by Kendal & Kylie jewellery collection.

In February 2014, she and Kendall launched a shoe and handbag line for Steve Madden’s Madden Girl line.

Although pretty success with her businesses, but all of these brands are not bring her to the title of “world’s youngest billionaire”.

In August 2015, Jenner announced she would be launching her lipstick line under the name Kylie Lip Kit and renamed to Kylie’s Cosmetics in February 2016. Also in this year, the number of kits produced rose from an initial 15,000 to 500,000.

Jenner invests more on the marketing and brand awareness of her brand beside of her reputation. In March 2016, Jenner released a 3 minutes promotional video directed by Colin Tilley and starring models Karin Jinsui, Mara Teigen, and Jasmine Sanders.

She also introduce her brand through many reality show with a million of audiences (both online and offline) with a fee of $0 for she is invited.

In June 2017, Jenner released 2 new cosmetics sets in collaboration with her sister and unceasing cooperation to launch a new product line with other celebrity, designer, model.

In 2018, Kylie’s Cosmetics recorded the sold of over $630 million worth of makeup product. Which rise the company value up to $900 million and making Jenner into the Forbes 100 list.

Kylie Janner may only 21 years old, but Up to May 2019, she has presided a business portfolio of 66 product line, brand, show, and music. And this number is constantly increasing over year.

The Kylie’s Cosmetics record the sold of over $630 million worth make up product in 2018

Although there are disagreements about the “self-made” title of Jenner because of her background. But there are points that we can not deny: She is brilliant, and have to work very hard to earn this result.

More over, how many people of us can make $1 billion when we at her age without inheritance?

What do you think?

Huawei’s answer for the sanction of U.S

Recently, the founder of Huawei – Mr. Ren Zhengfei in an interview on Bloomberg Television admitted that the sanction of U.S on Huawei can strongly affect the production line of them.

But he also affirmed that the sanction cannot destroy the smartphone business of this brand. And in future beside of developing their own software platform, looking for new suppliers, Huawei will also get back to the market and will even “not selling their products for the U.S”.

So, what makes Huawei so confident?

Ren Zhengfei – Founder and CEO of Huawei

Market share in China

According to the South China Morning Post, after quarter I-2019 the market share of Huawei reached 34% per cent and leading the market. While other producers like Apple, Samsung and Oppo have a market share in turn: 11.5%, 1%, 19.6%. Moreover, Huawei has a plan to grow to 50% at the end of 2019.

The smartphone market of China recorded the amount of 1,1 billion mobile phone users and the market value of 66,8 billion USD with the increasing rate of over 15% each year according to Statista quarter IV-2018 report.

With the backing of the government, a high-value market share in the world’s largest mobile market (over 50% global market), and a very strong financial potential go with technology. The sanction move of U.S may activate the independence of Huawei and stimulate its innovation.

Plus, in recent years, the Chinese’s companies has succeeded in making people think back about internal technology products. Before, Chinese people always believe that local companies can only be good with low-end products or houseware products.

China’s mobile market is taking over 50% global market

Political advantages

Although claiming that he’s not the politician, but Mr. Ren Zhengfei cannot deny that the rapidly growing of Huawei have a very tight connection with the Chinese government. In the past, the very first global contracts of Huawei to build the telecom infrastructure in Africa come from orders of government.

Recently, the allegations of U.S and its allies for Huawei spying activities via their 5G telecommunications equipment also prove the thesis about the relationship between Huawei and the Chinese government. You can learn more about Huawei history on Wikipedia.

The U.S’s sanction may slow Huawei’s production down but U.S and Europe are not the only ones have a technology to create chipset. One of the biggest competitor of the U.S and its allies – Russia is still silent since U.S-China commercial war begin. Huawei in particular and the Chinese government in general may get close with Russia, and this alliance is not what U.S and its allies may like.

Moreover, according to CafeF if China closes its gate with Apple in China, this brand will lose 1/3 its global sales. And stop providing services and devices to Huawei is also a large damning to the U.S and its allies brands.

With the taut situation of the China – U.S commercial war right now, no one can make sure anything.

The U.S – China commercial war is becoming complicated these days.


Agree or not, the truth is that Huawei is still the biggest private company in China. The last year sales revenue reported of Huawei has over helm Alibaba and Tencent.

gree or not, the truth is that Huawei is still the biggest private company in China. The last year sales revenue reported of Huawei has over helm Alibaba and Tencent.

With all the advantage in finance, political and technology, the fall of Huawei is impossible. Not to mention that the Chinese government will not allow Huawei to fall, for millions jobs Huawei create for this country and the revenues from tax of this company.

But as I analysed in the previous article “President Trump’s sanction on Huawei and commercial war of U.S – China”, recover Huawei will be difficult and take a very long time for its present situation.

What do you think?

President Trump’s sanction on Huawei and commercial war of U.S – China

Recently, the sanction of America on China’s technology brand Huawei has been officially applied. And following that is the restrict of this brand from using software and outsourcing service from American’s companies.

Following this event is a mass withdraw of American and it’s alliance countries’ companies out from China. Leaving behind a critical wound for the production economy of this country.

President Trump’s snap

Alphabet, the mother company of Google is the pioneer of the battle. On the early morning of 20 May 2019, the official announcement released by Reuter mentions that Google has cut off the contract with Huawei.

This will prevent the company’s products from access to Android update and support, Google Play and other apps provided by Google.

Continuously, many companies provide hardware and software of America and alliances also announce to cut the contract with Huawei. Which included: Samsung (Korean), ARM (England), Synopsis (America),
Mitsumi (Japan), Wetzlar (German), and a lot more. Without those companies, Huawei cannot make a smartphone and provide their telecom products which are two main business of this technology company.

The reason stems from allegations of spying activities for China government of Huawei through their products. And a series of other accusations of violating sanctions against Iran, steal US intellectual property, tax evasion and money laundering.

Not stop there, to answer China’s threat to retaliate over US sanctions. A mass amount of foreign’s companies (most are the US and its alliances) are withdrawing from China.

There are over 400 US-funded companies claiming to withdraw from China.

Apple announced to transfer iPhone production line to India. Foxcom, one of the most important partners of Apple has also fired all of its Chinese employees. Foxcom also moved its factory to India, which created more than 1 million jobs for this country.

Following US move, its alliances with over 20,000 companies are claiming to have the plan to move out from China too.

Some notable big companies are:

  • Japan: Olympus, Sumitomo, Kobe Steelt, Mitsubishi Electric, Ricoh, Omron, Epson, Kyodo News. 60% of Japan’s companies have withdrawn from China, 40% remaining are decreasing their capital.
  • Korea: Samsung, OEM.
  • Taiwan: Yue Yuen
  • Europe: Adidas, Puma

Just like a Thanos’s snap in the famous series of Marvel. With only one move, president Trump’s just nearly wipe out the economy of China and push this country faster to depression.

The “paper tiger” economic of China.

More than 728 million Chinese people live with an income of US $ 2-5 per day according to PEW research centre.

The Chinese government’s public debt has reached more than 255.7% of its GDP (according to BIS International Bank). However, the 2018 GDP report of $13,285 billion USD was simply inflated while the actual total debt was about $34,000 billion USD.

The megacity in Fushun, Liaoning – where the famous masterpiece The Ring of Life with 22 km2 wide has been abandoned without a shadow! Across the territory of China are hundreds of such metropolitan areas. Asked a Chinese citizen, he replied, “They” simply could not stop building! “They” here are the interest groups. The real estate bubble is very huge!

Freezing real estate led to a huge bad debt bubble in the nation’s financial system as organizations and individuals were engulfed in debt, overlapping debts were difficult to resolve.

Less than 24 hours after Washington officially raised $200 billion USD taxes with Chinese goods, US President Donald Trump ordered a further tax increase for all remaining goods worth more than $300 billion USD.

According to Bloomberg, China will default on this debt in 2019


All of these moves of president Trump is a slap on China face, sending his message that “do not kidding with me in a commercial war”.

Although there will be a huge damage with US’s companies and its alliances when left an enormous market like China. But everyone seem like has smelled of the depression of China’s economic, it is better to stay away before it’s really come.

Soon or late, president Xi Jinping will have to concessions with the US to save his country’s economy.

But in my opinion, it’s too late for China to prevent the corruption of its economy. The sanctions of US only a drop of water overflow to activate the blow of China’s bubble.

Best thing China can do now is to minimize the damage as much as possible.

What do you think?